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Homeopathic Tooth Cream

Homeopathic Tooth Cream

= 1 690 руб.

Homeopathic Tooth Cream

In case you are taking homeopathic treatment, regular toothpaste may reduce all benefits of your therapy. Our Homeopathic Tooth Cream is intended for effective tooth cleaning and gum care, ensuring efficiency of your homeopathic therapy. It is also recommended for people who have certain mouth cavity problems.

Baby carrot-colored, tender, delicate, 100% reliable tooth cream. Doesn’t contain peppermint, chamomile, camphor and menthol extracts.


Put a small amount of the Homeopathic Tooth Cream on one of the brushes from the MontCarotte® Impression Brush Collection and, as if you were an artist applying the color with delicate and dash-like movements, spread the product all over the tooth surface.


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