Collection of creams

Мы создали для Вас абсолютно новый мир альтернативного выбора, совместив предельную эффективность, креативный подход и вдохновляющую эстетику.
С инновационными формулами и актуальными текстурами мировых новинок MontCarotte Ваша улыбка станет истинным шедевром!


High-tech "smart" bristles with whitening effect will help to achieve the maximum smooth enamel surface and the desired whiteness. Perfectly rounded bristle fibers are made of polyamide and perfectly polish the enamel without irritating the gums.

The thickness of the fiber is 0.15 mm. Total number of bristles - 1200 pieces

Head size: 10 mm width, 15 mm length - which on average corresponds to the size of the two teeth. The handle of the brush, made of durable plastic, has the shape of a painter’s brush and allows you to achieve the perfect cleaning technique.
MontCarotte Tooth brush will give your everyday ritual a new dimension and a brilliant result - a perfect smile.


MontCarotte® brush does not damage the gums and perfectly polishes enamel surface. Dense, rounded bristles are made of polyamide. Bristle thickness 0,15 mm. This amazing brush handle is made of durable scratch-free plastic. Every detail of the crystal-form handle is made with delicate taste and accuracy. The handle’s balance is in its lower part to facilitate the proper cleaning technique.
Creating the new line of oral and smile care products we took our inspiration from the impressionists artists: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Degas.


We have considered the product to the perfection, down to very last detail and have made its daily use comfortable.
We invite you to a wonderful world in which you can create your own masterpiece - your smile!


We proudly present our new product MontCarotte Silk Tooth Ribbon - gentle, smooth, easy to store dental tape with a wonderful colour of clear sky. The monostructure of PTFE filaments and silky embossing ensure safe use of the tape by preventing it from splitting and getting locked between the teeth.
As streaming silk, the tape gently cleans interdental spaces without damaging gums, leaving the wonderful feeling of ideally clean teeth.