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Abstraction Brush Collection

We invite you to a wonderful world in which you can create your own masterpiece - your smile!

Our new collection of toothbrushes dedicated to abstract artists was inspired by the simplicity of forms and associative properties of colours.

MontCarotte® Kids Tooth Gel Collection

Transparent organic children’s tooth gels, delicious and full of flavour, and wholesome as fruit, protect your child's milk teeth and care for the growth of strong and healthy teeth in the future, thanks to the perfect combination of vitamins and organic elements.

It is natural to avoid synthetic


Dear parents, we are glad to introduce to your children kids color brush collection!


Мы создали для Вас абсолютно новый мир альтернативного выбора, совместив предельную эффективность, креативный подход и вдохновляющую эстетику.

С инновационными формулами и актуальными текстурами мировых новинок MontCarotte® Ваша улыбка станет истинным шедевром!


Creating the new line of oral and smile care products we took our inspiration from the impressionists artists: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Degas. We welcome you to the amazing world where you can turn your smile into a masterpiece!!


Мы продумали все до мелочей, уделили внимание деталям и позаботились о комфортном использовании новой линии аксессуаров MontCarotte® Smile Therapy Collection