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Platinum Brightening
Special for men
Platinum Brightening
Tooth Gel

Platinum is one of the world’s rarest, densest and heaviest metals. Its noble whiteness, natural radiance and durability have been attracting the attention of artists since ancient times.
When developing a tooth gel formula designed specifically for men, MontCarotte laboratory was inspired by the properties of this element. The men’s Platinum Brightening Tooth Gel was created with consideration to every facet of the modern men’s lifestyle.

Pentasodium Triphosphate removes plaque at the molecular level, ideally cleaning the tooth surface and giving it an irresistible shine and natural whiteness.

Coriander and lemongrass essential oils care for your gums and give the Tooth Gel a hint of a sweet white lime, leaving an aftertaste of incredible freshness after use.

Limited Edition
Diamond Brightening
Tooth Cream

Alluring, sparkling, splendid, desired: all definitions, which are appropriate for "the monarch of gems” - Diamond, also perfectly well describe our long-awaited new Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream.

Try it just once and you'll notice how it makes your tooth enamel perfectly smooth and shiny as a Diamond, with the help of its innovative polishing component Hydrated Silica.

This also means that plaque will not trouble you soon, as the perfectly polished tooth surface prevents plaque attachment.

Potassium Ions, which quickly relieve sensitivity and strengthen enamel, are a nice addition to the whiteness, smoothness and shine of your teeth this product gives you.

Нежно отбеливающий крем
Tenderly Whitening
Tooth Cream

Представьте себе густые белоснежные сливки, тающие у Вас во рту, оставляющие чувство чистоты, гладкости и свежести. Идеально отбеливает, не изменяя структуру эмали, дает возможность пользоваться отбеливающим средством каждый день. Не вызывает чувствительности зубов.

Smoothing and Brightening
Tooth Peeling

Just like our skin, our teeth need the same kind of deep cleaning. If you want your teeth to be smoother, brighter and whiter – use our first ever special revolutionary tooth peeling twice a week! Clear shining gel for whiteness, pearl microgranules for smoothness, tender and delicate taste for even better experience.

Soothing Tooth Mask
Sensitivity Relief

Soothing Mask for teeth and gums sensitivity and discomfort relief. It alleviates gums and teeth discomfort. Especially recommended for use as part of the MontCarotte® Anti Age Whitening Program. It refreshes, soothes and enriches tooth enamel with hydroxyapatite, caring for its health and brilliance. Tea rose-colored Soothing Tooth Mask Sensitivity Relief soothes your teeth and gums at first touch.

Anti-Age Whitening

This luxurious Anti Age Whitening Program is created to transform your usual dental care ritual into an unforgettable SPA treatment and wonderful experience.

Homeopathic Tooth Cream

In case you are taking homeopathic treatment, regular toothpaste may reduce all benefits of your therapy. Our Homeopathic Tooth Cream is intended for effective tooth cleaning and gum care, ensuring efficiency of your homeopathic therapy. It is also recommended for people who have certain mouth cavity problems.

Baby carrot-colored, tender, delicate, 100% reliable tooth cream. Doesn’t contain peppermint, chamomile, camphor and menthol extracts.

Organic Tooth Cream

Green sprout-colored, fully natural cream for people, whose tastes and views are inseparable from Mother Nature. It delicately cleans and polishes, cares and soothes and feels 100% natural. Recommended for people, who have certain mouth cavity problems. Contains precious Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. It provides antiseptic, antibacterial, immunomodulatory, tonic and calming effects.

Doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances or colors, petroleum-based products (paraffin, PEG, propylene etc.) and silicon oils.