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MontCarotte® brush does not damage the gums and perfectly polishes enamel surface. Dense, rounded bristles are made of polyamide. Bristle thickness 0,15 mm. This amazing brush handle is made of durable scratch-free plastic. Every detail of the crystal-form handle is made with delicate taste and accuracy. The handle’s balance is in its lower part to facilitate the proper cleaning technique.

MontCarotte® Tooth Brush - this is your new invaluable accessory!

As if you were an artist you could change the tone of your smile making it whiter and brighter!
Put a small amount of any of the MontCarotte® Tooth Cream on one of the brushes from the MontCarotte® Impression Brush Collection and, as if you were an artist applying the color with delicate and dash-like movements, spread the product all over the tooth surface.

Every time somebody discovers the novelty of MontCarotte®, the feelings may overwhelm, and we know for sure – your paths will never separate again.

Edouard Manet
Manet Brush

Inspires us with his ability to find the brightness of the moment even in everyday routine, to see the “poetry of the world” on the way to work.

Edgar Degas
Degas Brush

We admire Edgar Degas’s work as it forever preserved for us the world and atmosphere of the theater, ballet and circus of the second half of the 19th century.

Pierre Auguste Renoir
Renoir Brush

Reminds us that nothing is warmer than human relationships and the genuine smile from the bottom of your heart.

Paul Gauguin
Gauguin Brush

Inspires us with incredible joy and delightful painting lightness, as if all our problems are just a bad fleck of paint and it costs nothing to fix it!

Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh Brush

Vincent van Gogh makes us remember that some things from "today" we will be able to understand and appreciate only "tomorrow".