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MontCarotte® Kids Brush Collection‘s design takes into account anatomy of children's teeth and tooth brushing technique for children of 3 years and older. Dense rounded bristles are very gentle to children's tooth enamel. The bristles are only 0.15 mm thick and made ​​of high-tech polyamide, so that they do not injure the gums and gently polish delicate surface of children’s tooth enamel.

The optimal size of brush head allows to clean milk and permanent teeth equally well. Bristle height of 7.6 mm is ideal for a children’s toothbrush. Although the bristles are very soft, such height makes brushing effective, at the same keeping it safe for children’s gums.

All materials used in MontCarotte® Kids Colour Brush Collection have passed rigorous safety tests.
The brush handle is made of a well-researched material, which is hypoallergenic plastic. Rubber elements make sure a child can have a good grip of the handle and brush their teeth well.

Nothing brings more happiness and joy than a child's smile. We know how to make it even brighter and sunnier!

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