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High-tech "smart" bristles with whitening effect will help to achieve the maximum smooth enamel surface and the desired whiteness. Perfectly rounded bristle fibers are made of polyamide and perfectly polish the enamel without irritating the gums.
The thickness of the fiber is 0.15 mm.
Total number of bristles - 1200 pieces
Head size: 10 mm width, 15 mm length - which on average corresponds to the size of the two teeth.
The handle of the brush, made of durable plastic, has the shape of a painter’s brush and allows you to achieve the perfect cleaning technique.

MontCarotte Tooth brush is your new elegant accessory!

MontCarotte Tooth brush will give your everyday ritual a new dimension and a brilliant result - a perfect smile.

Wassily Kandinsky

In Kandinsky’s paintings, the freedom of thought and expression create the freedom of shapes and vibrancy of colours.

Piet Mondrian

In his works combining a spatial grid of free-flowing lines and rigid contours the artists achieves dynamic balance.

Johannes Itten

An absolute pioneer, Johannes Itten demonstrated in his "Art of Colour" that the subjective experience and objective approach create an ultimate harmony between the modernism of science and the romanticism of alchemy.

Kazimir Malevich

In his works, Malevich showed that the space of simple shapes can be mysterious and anything but simple: what appears as an infinity to one viewer can be seen as setting the boundaries of reality to another.

Pablo Picasso

By fusing geometric objects and human figures in his works, the artist teaches us to appreciate the intrinsic value of our own independent creative thinking.