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Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream Vanilla Orchid

Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream Vanilla Orchid12+

= 5 700 руб.


Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream Vanilla Orchid contains Vanilla Planifolia pods extract, capable to catalyse metabolic processes in cells cytoplasm and stimulate natural regrowth of oral cavity mucous membrane.

New formula ensures a perfectly polished tooth surface due to Hydrated Silica, its active ingredient. In addition, Potassium Nitrate rapidly relieves the sensitivity of the teeth and restores the tooth enamel.

The texture of the cream with delicate Vanilla scent leaves a scent of freshness and cleanliness on the smooth and shiny diamond-clean tooth surface.

Elegant jar, designed by using AIRLESS technology, guaranties the sterility of the ingredients during its entire lifetime. Besides, AIRLESS technology allows to add into the formula some special ingredients, which are sensitive to light and oxygen.

Long life-time: 24 months.

FREE OF abrasives, aggressive thickeners, stabilisers and preservatives.

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of the tooth cream onto MontCarotte toothbrush and spread it all over the tooth surface with gentle circular movements. Brush on all sides and along the gums. Rinse thoroughly with water. Brush twice a day.