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Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream

Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream

= 5 200 руб.

Alluring, sparkling, splendid, desired: all definitions, which are appropriate for "the monarch of gems” - Diamond, also perfectly well describe our long-awaited new Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream.

Try it just once and you'll notice how it makes your tooth enamel perfectly smooth and shiny as a Diamond, with the help of its innovative polishing component Hydrated Silica. This also means that plaque will not trouble you soon, as the perfectly polished tooth surface prevents plaque attachment.

Potassium Ions, which quickly relieve sensitivity and strengthen enamel, are a nice addition to the whiteness, smoothness and shine of your teeth this product gives you.


Put a small amount of the Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream on one of the brushes from the MontCarotte® Impression Brush Collection and, as if you were an artist applying the color with delicate and dash-like movements, spread the product all over the tooth surface.