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Homeopathic Tooth Cream

Homeopathic Tooth Cream 6+

= 1 725 руб.


Homeopathic toothpastes are the most appropriate means of maintaining oral hygiene and health for people undergoing homeopathic treatment.

MontCarotte Homeopathic tooth cream preserves and enhances the therapy impact.

It cleans well the tooth enamel, well deodorizes, and imparts fresh breath due to Cardamom concentration in the formula. FLUORIDE FREE

Suitable to the vegetarians, vegans, people having orthodontic appliances and dentures, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children 6+.

Does not contain: mints, menthol, chamomile, camphor derivatives, fluoride, parabens, silicones, SLS, antiseptics (triclosan), artificial colorings, flavorings, sulfates, artificial thickeners, petroleum-based products (paraffin, PEG, propylene).