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Anti-Age Whitening Program

Anti-Age Whitening Program

= 3 000 руб.

Anti Age Whitening Program

This luxurious Anti Age Whitening Program is created to transform your usual dental care ritual into an unforgettable SPA treatment and wonderful experience.

One Magic Morning

An experienced cosmetologist always begins her cleaning program with the intense peeling! This is no coincidence, because microparticle resurfacing is the guarantee of the ideal result of any anti age program. One magic morning you will start the seven-day ­Anti Age Program for your smile, using the MontCarotte® Smoothing and Brightening Tooth Peeling. Just like our skin, our teeth need the same kind of deeper cleaning. If you want your teeth to be smoother, brighter and whiter – use our first – ever revolutionary tooth peeling twice a week! Clear shining gel for whiteness, pearl microgranules for smoothness, tender and delicate taste for even better experience. Start Anti Age Whitening Program by using MontCarotte® Smoothing and Brightening Tooth Peeling once or twice a week.

One Magic Evening

Rather than just brushing your teeth this evening, you will indulge yourself in an enjoyable experience of using MontCarotte® Soothing Tooth Mask Sensitivity Relief. It refreshes, soothes and enriches tooth enamel with hydroxyapatite, caring for it health and brilliance. And it makes our whitening program not only highly effective but also safe. Tea rose-colored Soothing Tooth Mask Sensitivity Relief soothes your teeth and gums at first touch. Use as needed after applying or instead of any product of Anti Age Whitening Program MontCarotte® Smile Therapy Collection.

One Wonderful Week

Every wonderful morning and every wonderful evening within the following 7-10 days you are going to enjoy our daily Tenderly Whitening Tooth Cream. Just imagine the thick snow-white cream, which is melting in your mouth, giving you the feeling of cleanness, smoothness and freshness. Ideal bleaching without damaging the enamel structure gives you the possibility to use this product every day without causing tooth sensitivity. If you feel like you need to use MontCarotte® Soothing Tooth Mask Sensitivity Relief once more, do not hesitate – the result will be better and brighter. To achieve the best result use the Anti Age Whitening Program regularly for several weeks.


Put a small amount of any of the Anti Age Whitening Program product on one of the brushes from the MontCarotte® Impression Brush Collection and, as if you were an artist applying the color with delicate and dash-like movements, spread the product all over the tooth surface.