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Green Apple Kids Tooth Gel

Green Apple Kids Tooth Gel

= 1 490 руб.

Transparent tooth gel Green Apple with natural taste and flavour of juicy apples grown in Northern Italy will be cherished by your child every morning and every evening.

It is a reliable protection for milk teeth and good care for the growth of strong and healthy teeth in the future, thanks to the perfect combination of vitamins and organic elements.

Fluoride and calcium strengthen the enamel.

Xylitol protects against dental caries.

Vitamin E cares for tender gums, soothes and relieves inflammation.

Do not worry if your child accidentally swallows a small amount of gel - it is natural and safe.

Does not contain:



Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Antiseptics ( Triclosan )

Artificial colorants

Artificial sweetenersArtificial preservatives

Artificial thickeners

Instructions: Apply a pea-sized amount of gel on one of the toothbrushesfrom MontCarotte® Kids Colour Brush Collection and spread over the entire surface of the teeth with delicate brushing strokes. We recommend that children brush their teeth twice a day in the presence of adults.

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