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IMPRESSION Brush Collection Present Set

IMPRESSION Brush Collection Present Set 12+

= 5 375 руб.

“paint TOOTH Brush” is the MONCAROTTE KNOW how. This is a stylish dental accessory and a reason to be inspired. The “Tooth Brush Collection” concept is based on the high technology and an artistic perspective.

“IMPRESSION BRUSH COLLECTION”, dedicated to the Impressionists, includes five brushes, whose crystal play of colors refers to the famous strokes of French great painters: Pierre Auguste Renoir,  Edgar  Degas,  Paul  Gauguin,  Vincent  Van  Gogh  and  Eduard  Manet .

The gift set is designed as an Art Box where all five brushes are collected in bright individual packages.

Scientific approach: Scientifically advanced MontCarotte brushes fiber is produced from the high-tech material polyamide. Every bristle tip is perfectly rounded. “Smart bristle” does not absorb the water, minimizing the risk of the milieu bacterial emerging; it is resistant to the deformation and serves three times longer. Bristles have optimum rigidity (0,15 mm thickness) and do not irritate gums. The handle made of durable scratch-free plastic keeps its initial appearance during the whole period of usage. The ideal head size and the handle balance in its lower part insure the proper brushing technique.