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Wonder Woman Present Set 12+

Wonder Woman Present Set 12+

= 7 850 руб.

Diamond Brightening Vanilla Orchid, aimed to polish and clean the tooth enamel perfectly, enhanced by two accessories from the Impression Brush Collection, toothbrushes «Paul Gauguin» and «Pierre Auguste Renoir» represents a refined gift packed into stylish design box.  

“IMPRESSION BRUSH COLLECTION”, dedicated to the Impressionists, is the luxury and ultimate accessory to brush teeth effectively.

Scientifically advanced MontCarotte brushes fiber is produced from the high-tech material polyamide. Every bristle tip is perfectly rounded. “Smart bristle” does not absorb the water, minimizing the risk of the milieu bacterial emerging; it is resistant to the deformation and serves three times longer. Bristles have optimum rigidity (0,15 mm thickness) and do not irritate gums. The handle made of durable scratch-free plastic keeps its initial appearance during the whole period of usage. The ideal head size and the handle balance in its lower part insure the proper brushing technique.

Diamond Brightening Tooth Cream 12+

The main active ingredient in advanced formula, Hydrated Silica, has a strong polishing property providing with ideally smooth and shiny tooth surface.

In addition, Potassium Nitrate in short-term relieves the sensitivity of the teeth and restores the tooth enamel.

Elegant jar, designed with AIRLESS technology, guaranties the sterility of the ingredients during the whole period of its usage. In addition, AIRLESS technology gives the opportunity to include into the formula the special ingredients, sensitive to the light and the oxygen. Prolongs the expiration date to 24 months.

DO NOT CONTAIN abrasives, aggressive thickeners, stabilizers and preservatives

Toothbrush «Pierre Auguste Renoir» "soft" 0,15mm, 1 piece, toothbrush "Paul Gauguin" "soft" 0,15mm, 1 piece.

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