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Abstraction Brush Collection Present Set

Abstraction Brush Collection Present Set 12+

= 5 825 руб.

Working on “ABSTRACTION BRUSH COLLECTION», the brand designed the new handle form imitating the one of the paintbrush. From now toothbrushes become a piece of art featuring an exclusive patterns inspired by the visionary artists’ works: K.Malevich, V.Kandinsky, P.Picasso, I.Itten, P.Mondrian. Abstract graphics and associative colors are printed with high precision.

The gift set is designed as an Art Box where all five brushes are available in bright individual packages.

ART: “paint TOOTH Brush” is the MONCAROTTE KNOW how. This is a stylish dental accessory and a reason to be inspired. The “Tooth Brush Collection” concept is based on the high technology and artistic perspective.

Scientific approach: Scientifically advanced MontCarotte brushes fiber is produced from the high-tech material polyamide. Every bristle tip is perfectly rounded. “Smart bristle” does not absorb the water, minimizing the risk of the milieu bacterial emerging; it is resistant to the deformation and serves three times longer. Bristles have optimum rigidity (0,15 mm thickness) and do not irritate gums. The handle made of durable scratch-free plastic keeps its initial appearance during the whole period of usage. The ideal head size and the handle balance in its lower part insure the proper brushing technique.