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The toothbrush - MontCarotte’s area of expertise.

Nobody can remain indifferent when they look at the toothbrushes in the impressionist brush collection. Not at all! The reason for this is - they too are works of art. They spark emotions, surprise, and are delightful on the eye. MontCarotte’s toothbrushes have become an object of beauty, an accessory for performing the ritual of looking after yourself, your health, and your looks!

When the development work was completed on the shape of the handle and we received samples of the lighter colours of mint, lavender, rose, turquoise, and amber there was only one thing left to do – determine what colour the fibres should be for the brush head. The fibres incidentally are also distinctive. We used polyamide instead of polyester. Polyamide – is the one synthetic material that given its elasticity, and subtlety retains its shape very well and can last three times longer.

At the very beginning we were planning to make the fibres transparent, and this harmonised quite well with the handles, but quite well - is not perfectly! We opened the kaleidoscope of all the possible colours and the solution just came to us - use all the colours at once.  Thus the colours of the fibres created such a wonderful feeling, as if the colours of the paints Van Gogh had just used for his Sunflowers, Degas – his Ballerina, Gaugin – his sunset over Tahiti, Manet – the sky in his Woman with Umbrella, and Renoir – Jeanne Samari’s dress, were still there on the brush. 

This was how a completely new product came about - not a handheld brush, but a proper toothbrush!

A handheld brush - is a simple thing, a strictly functional accessory for cleaning your teeth. The name itself is unyielding and unsophisticated. We though added a little design magic, a touch of aesthetics to highly progressive technology and turned this object of dental hygiene into an accessory rich in beauty, and inspiration.