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Teens Oral Care

MontCarotte TEENS Toothbrush WHITE

TEENS Toothbrush WHITE

MontCarotte TEENS Oral Care.
Unique bristle fixation technology. Ultrafine bristle. The hypoallergenic toothbrush. Suitable for braces. 5500 bristles. Long-term use.

MontCarotte TEENS Oral Care.
Specialized for both teenagers and adult teeth.

Unique bristle fixation technology.  
5500 bristles in the brush head to be arranged in 8 mono bundles.
This configuration makes it possible to:
- effectively remove plaque from the enamel surface
- dry quickly, despite the bristles’ density
- be comfortable for patients with braces
- avoid getting stuck between the arches, as the bristles are securely fixed

Polybutylene terephthalate bristles (PBT)
- clean and polish enamel well
- recommended for patients with sensitive teeth and gums – pain-free brushing with an ultra-thin (0.12mm) bristle
- hypo-allergenic bristle ensures safe cleaning for sensitive people
- use only for toothbrushing
- subjecting the toothbrush to hot water or high-temperature sterilizer may cause damage to the brush.
- excessive pressure and impact may cause damage to the brush.
- replacing the toothbrush every two months is highly recommended for your oral health.
Bristle Fiblres - PBT.
Handle material PP.
Filament type and length - rounded, 9.5 mm. Filament thikness - 0.12 mm
Filament density - app. 5500 pc
Filament color - pink/blue

How to use and store: How to use and store: hold the brush in a horizontal position at a 45-degree angle to the gum. Use a circular motion to clean the arch along the gum line and chewing surface. After use, rinse under warm running water and store horizontally. Replace the brush after two months of use.
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